Monday, April 9, 2012

April Goals

I should just change the name of these posts to weight loss hopes and dreams, lol. 

March was a great month, I met just about all of my goals with the exception of the half, which I'm OK with. Plus it rained like crazy that day so I was pretty pumped I had decided to ski instead. I did curb my sugar for like a day, that counts, right? 

Ok, so onward to April:
Keep running the hills, commit to every Weds. night hill running with The Selden Hills team
Circuit boxing class every Tue
Swim at least once a week

These are too easy...

Now for the biggies:

LOSE weight!!!! Staying the same weight is no longer acceptable
Stay out of my head
Get back on my bike
Commit to a tri (I'm thinking Tobay)
Kick ass at work
Get back to some type of mat is calling my name




Honeybee said...

i've tried yoga. but they are more intense than i thought. I prefer cardio.

anxiety treatment for children said...

Endurance is the name of the game. Just keep it up.