Monday, March 5, 2012

It's GOALS Time!

Still going strong with the Monthly Goals posting and I have to say February was the most successful yet! I pretty much met each one which I'm psyched about. 

Here were the goals:
  • Reign it in. Enough talking about it, more DOING it!
  • Crossfit/run/spin repeat
  • Try to fit in some yoga
  • Lose some weight!
  • Help my parents with their computer, uploading pics to Facebook ect...this is actually easier said than done, but I WILL do this for them!  
I did all but yoga, and the weight thing is debatable, possibly 1 pound, but I'll take it!
I also made some huge decisions:
So what's up for March? Here goes:
  • Run the half that I have been going back and forth on
  • Log some longer runs so I don't hurt myself while running the above mentioned half 
  • Ski (oh how I miss my ski house...and snow for that matter!) and if a ski trip falls on the weekend of the above half, it's ok to not run and ski!
  • Continue to get my swim on
  • Spend some time with my parents - I never see them anymore!!
  • Continue with the no sugar (or to be specific dessert, and limit my froyo consumption)
  • Curb my spending
What are your goals for March?  

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