Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What A Difference A Few Days Make!

Sooooo....I'm doing great, haven't cried or killed anyone yet and am actually down a few pounds....

So let me start with this, I'm sure a lot of what I'm down is most likely water weight.  My Monday weigh in was 167, high but also somewhat accurate (I should also note I have a huge meatball parm hero Sunday night...last meal!). I weighed into today on my digital and the gym scale  - 163.5 and 162ish.  I had wanted to see if there was a major difference between scales and there really isn't but I'll likely weight myself on both once a week until I feel comfortable with my weight.  I still like the idea of hiding the scale, but right now I am determined and I need to be accountable, so weighing in is critical.

Food has been clean and all homemade (except for chopped salads for lunch), I feel really good, have had minimal "bad carbs" and am overall happier.  I guess you could say a big weight has been lifted.  One thing I need to think about is week 2, this is where I crash and burn.  But today I am in the middle of week1 so I'm going to try and keep my feet where my head is!

I'm still toying with the idea of running the half on Sunday.  Some guys from my club are running it super slow, so I may jump in and run 10 with them.  I'll see what the weekend has in store for me first, if not I will likely get in 5 or 6 on my own.   I know I'm not ready for a speedy 10, but I can likely handle their slow 11:30 pace, lol.  Last night I ran my first day of spring 3 miler in my hood, docks and back.  It was quick (as in only 3 miles), gorgeous out and predictable - my favorite.  This morning I lifted: bosu squats, overhead squats, push press and tri's.  The addition of the tri's was a little odd, but I always like to work that area when I can.

So there you have it, a recap....

Sometimes simple works. 

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kilax said...

So happy to hear that the first half of the week has gone so well! :) :) :) I need this inspiration!