Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gone Skiin'

Sorry for the lack of posting.  I'm in a bit of a slump, basically any post I have started I've deleted for they have been waaaay too boring!

Ok, so where have I been...

Skiing and outdoor hot tubbing!

 I had a ton more pics but blogger is being pissy and won't let me upload them  I hatchu picture uploader!

This season has not been great for NE skiing, normally I get around 20 days in, this year only 5 but I'm ok with it.  I made the decision to not do my VT house so the days I got were with the boy and a ton of fun.  Err, aside from the ticket we got on the way up Fri which was made worse by my car not being registered....just a minor snafu. But we had so much fun and stayed at The Hannah, a great place which blows any hotel/inn I've previously stayed at in the Catskills away!

The rest of the time I've been working and getting my sweat on.

Life is good.

Running is good.

Ran 3 miles last night in perfect 70 degree temps, last week was a lot on the treadmill along with a few trips to the pool. Not sure I'm going to run the Half on the 24th, I may decide last minute and just treat it as a long run that I'm not ready for! 

And for this weekend, running and eating lots of corned beef.  That's how I roll on Paddy's day!

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