Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bed+Dark = Failed Workout Attempt

What is it about my bed at 5:20 that prevents me from doing anything but sleeping?  It's not comfortable, the boy will tell you in total detail how uncomfortable it is, it's sort of like a hammock, but at the ungodly 5ish hour it's perfect....and I don't ever want to leave.

My plan today was a 5:45 spin followed by some lifting.  I set the alarm, was in bed a little late for me but not too bad and had grand dreams of an early morning sweat sesh.  Then that horrible alarm went off, I got up turned it off and promptly went back to bed. End of story.

Now I'm mad (truth be told not that mad, you do know who I am by now) and bummed because life is busy and I missed my chance to workout.  I could go later tonight, but I'm getting a massage after work and who the hell works out after a massage??  The good news is I went to the gym last night: 3 miles with 1.5 miles of quick speed intervals then a cool down and a 400m swim. I also didn't eat the candy that I wanted, unless you count the carmelized banana I made, but that only had a small amount of brown sugar so it still counts as healthy.

I think once we turn the clocks back and it's warm and light out in the morning I'll be up and out, that has always been my pattern.  And as much as I WANT to get that morning workout in, my hammock bed will most likely always win. 

If you have a second, go check out my BFF's new blog!


kilax said...

All I can think is "caramelized banana?!" :)

Nah, really though, morning workouts are hard. I sometimes plan them and only make them half the time.

Checking out your BFF's blog!

Sarah said...

I stink at morning workouts too. Even if I do get up, my body fights me the entire time. But at least it's over before work! Hope the massage was a good one :-D

corporatemomma said...

Aww. You are sweeter than a caramelized banana! "Check out my BFF's blog." Thanks lovey dove! I need to call you. I miss you. I'm still in gluten mourning though so I've been a hermit. :(