Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick Monday Check in

Because I really need to work, and not play, today's post will be in bullets.

Lazy, yes?  Smart, also yes.

  • The weight in: still have to do that, but I think I'm down 3.  This morning was hectic, Chris was still asleep, I was running late and the scale was under his side of the bed.  Will post tomorrow. (ed note: down 2.5 for a total of 165.5, holler!)
  • Diet:  logged all my food, tried not to eat my "gym" calories (I guess I would call them activity points if I was doing WW).  Tried to make better choices over the weekend, hopefully I succeeded, minus the Thin Mints (damn you Girl Scouts of America!!!) and movie popcorn (damn you butter!).
  • Pros: cooked all my breakfasts and dinners (except one), lunches were chopped salads.  Ate out only on weekend - Glenn's for breakfast, Thai and dinner with my parents.
  • Cons: shitty attitude at work on Fri got me in a little bit of trouble.  Opps.  Lessons learned!
  • Workouts: swam just over 400M, spin class, weights,  ran 3x - 2, 3 milers and a 5 miler.

And I just signed up for the Brooklyn Half! Wahooooo!

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Sarah said...

Stupid girl scout cookies. But way to go on logging your food! That's like 80% of my battle.