Friday, March 2, 2012

Starting Over

I'm starting over, turning over a new leaf, taking a chance that I'll get through the fear and really make a change.

I am going to do what it takes to lose weight.

March 2nd is my official start date.  I got up this morning, went to spin, lifted and made the decision to give it up, all of it, the fear of success, the fear of failure, the fear of never being able to lose these last 20 or so pounds.

I read a meditation, and then thought about it long and hard over an egg sammy (1 yolk, 1 white and a veggie sausage...yum). and here I am, once again making a public statement but this time I'm motivated, driven and ready to succeed.

In Dec I hit a low of 159, for about a day, but still I was under 160.  Today I clocked in at 167.  I was once 211, so I'm no stranger to the process.

Like my meditation this morning said: "May I not be afraid to change" and today I am not afraid to change.

Wow.  That was deep.

Ok, so what are my plans? Still figuring it out, but I know I have to really get rid of the sugar.  So there's that.  I also know I need to continue to track food.  Because I've been consistently tracking I can see where I get tripped up - nut butters and snacking.  I HAVE to pick better snacks.  Not sure about limiting the nut butter, I'm only having 1 serving a day, and not even every day.  It's the sugar and the snacking that are killing me.  

So just for today I am going to say no to sugar.  I can do this.  

I'm good with the exercise, I'm getting my sweat on daily and big running starts up now for the half.  

Whew. Taking the first step is half the battle.  Lets do this!

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