Monday, February 6, 2012

Chicago Here I Come!!

It's officially official....I just registered for The Chicago Marathon! I am beyond excited! I knew I wanted to run another marathon and since getting into NY is so slim through lottery I figured why not and so here I am, confirmed, running partners in tow and I think we may even have our room squared away. Yes, I am aware that it is only Feb 7.

Even though I was knee deep in taco dip at last nights Super Bowl party, I'm feeling back on track with food. I logged every bit of food I ate last week and will continue to do so until I die, or something like that. I took 2 spin classes and hit up crossfit 3x, including Saturdays WOD which was probably the longest CF workout ever...I think I finished in 46 minutes. It was tough, sweaty and loooong but I loved every second of it.

Aside from obsessing about Chicago, the plan for this week is to continue watching my food, spin tomorrow at 6am with Sully, CF at night and a mix of CF and running the rest of the week.

Those few pounds I wrote about last week are more like 5 so the goal is to get those off plus some this month. I'm toying around with the idea of staying away from the scale. I'm thinking I will weigh in only 2x per month...I hate that I am a slave to a number, even though I do think it keeps me on track.


kilax said...

Congrats on registering! You are going to love the Chicago marathon :)

I used to think tracking food was not for me, but now I am so far off, I think I should. Any recommendations for programs? (I don't have a smart phone :( )

Liz said...

I track everything on Daily Plate, even though I have the app on my phone I most of the time just log in from my computer. I really like it, east to use, has most foods listed...pretty easy.

Sarah said...

Chicago is exciting!
I'm a slave to the scale as well. I did not get on after beer and wings from last night!