Monday, February 13, 2012

I Ran For Sherry

Saturday morning I headed out on my own for a 3 miler for Sherry.

I was bummed I missed an email from Sarah and I never made my club's group run so I shuffled off in the  wet/rain/snow for a run to the docks and usual 3 mile loop.  I could have gone longer, but it was getting slick so I erred on the side of caution and grabbed coffe at The Bean and went home.

The whole run felt pretty special, I thought about Sherry and SUAR and although I don't know them, I know them...blogging is funny like that.  Each step was in her honor and I felt overwhelmed with gratitude.  I had an aunt who was murdered when I was about 1 years old.  We don't speak about it much, but I can't imagine the pain my parents and family must have felt.

It's the little things about blogging that keep me here, and this was no exception.  I know that there were thousands of us running our hearts out for someone we had never met, but because of this awesome community, we know.


kilax said...

So happy you got out and ran for Sherry!

I know what you mean about feeling like we know other bloggers, even though we don't. I hope the support helps SUAR!

Sarah said...

That email thing was my fault. I should have responded right away :-( But now you have my email and we should plan a run! Pick Saturday and let me know!