Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Moved The Scale

The scale is both my friend and enemy.  I like to know where I stand, but when that number fluctuates, I may or may not get a little evil to be around.

I've been on a crazy-weigh-my-self-obsessively kick lately.  Sometimes 2x a day, and for sure every day, but I only "count" my Monday morning number.

All this weighing in business is exhausting so I have moved the scale. Drastic measures people!

 For now it's under my bed, but I may move it to the basement. It's time to focus on healthy eating, not a number. 

I'm still a little all over the place with the quitting Crossfit thing, but part of me feels relieved which makes me think it really is time to go.  I'm still active until March 1, so I will definitely make a few classes.  CF became this rigid thing for me, if I didn't make a certain number of workouts it was a waste of money, and there wasn't a lot of flexibility.  For instance, today is going to be close to 55 degrees so I'm hoping to run, but I haven't make a single CF workout since last week, normally I would have a resentment and go just so I wasn't wasting money, today I'm like who cares, just go for the run...It's nice to just do, not fret about the dollars and cents of a workout!

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