Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Day In The Life

I love all the dorky DITL posts that have been popping up for awhile now.  I love to see how people live on the daily...hello voyeur (errr stalker)

Anyway, here is a typical DITL of yours truly -

7:10 Hit snooze

7:20: Up and at 'em...brush teeth and hit the shower, done in 10, do hair and makeup, re-blow out bangs like 10 times, damn you cowlick that just appeared out of NOWHERE! Weight myself , throw clothes on. Feed Olive Marie.

Olive Marie = beast
8:00: Make breakfast which these days has been a protein shake, grab my lunch and a frozen waffle for later.

8:10: In the car and ready to tackle Long Island traffic (or in my case mostly no traffic, thank you god!)

Lame car shot! With straight hair!

 8:30: Walk in to work say hi to the staff, pop in to say hi to boss head to the "West Wing" which is the marketing area (err hallway, where my cube, yes cube..uggh! is).

West Wing - this is where marketing magic happens. Office coming soon, or I'm walking...

8:30 - 8:45: Gab with my work BFF about what's going on/what went on, usually the boy and her wedding planning.

8:45 - 9ish: Huddle with the team to plan our day, discuss new projects, ect.

9ish - 12: Drink lots of water, toast up frozen waffle around 10:30, check email, FB, blogs, work stuff.

12:00: Lunch is here! We often order in, we have a "perk" that if you work through lunch they pay. If I'm eating my own lunch I'm usually in the kitchen putting it all together (lately I've been eating Boca Spicy Chicken patty over salad with lemon juice, yum).

12:30 - 5: Work and work. Go through my to-do list, make calls to my sales team, work with freelancer on new co-op advertising, a few calls or an offsite with the ad agency to discuss whatever we have going on.  Facebook and blogs (sometimes for work purposes..teeheee).

5 - 5:30: Close up and go home, write to-do list, say goodby to staff.

5:30 - 6: Home! Brush teeth!

6 - 7: Quick run and a shower (or a class or a swim)

Typical running route

7 - 8: Eat dinner. 

Baked stuffed chicken, I'm a culinary genius!

8 - 9: Meeting, unless it's a Monday then I don't exercise (usually) and head to a 6:45

9 - 10: Chat with friends, maybe go online, make lunch for tomorrow, iron clothes for tomorrow

10ish: Head to bed where I obsessively check out what's for new/cool/interesting in the grocery items section at Amazon on my Kindle Fire (true obsession, it's so funny).

So yea, probably not too interesting, but that is a typical work day for me.

I do spice things up with the hill run on Weds, but pretty much that's how I roll.  Depending on the week the boy may be there, but for now let's just say we are togethr-ish, which means weekends mainly.

What about you? 

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Liz H said...

HA! I have a beast cat too. Love it.