Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Long Beach 10 Mile Managers Run Recap

I had a total love/hate experience with this race.  First off it was small, maybe 300 people (love), awesome town (love), ocean views along the boardwalk (super love) and TONS of rain, like 8 miles worth (hate), super wet sneakers (hate) and chaffing due to soaking wet shorts (hate) and my time didn't record (hate). 

Despite the hater feel, I absolutely would run this race again, even in the rain!  I love distance running and according to my Garmin I maintained a 9:16 pace which was really awesome.  I ran with a friend who I have never run with so that was good, his time recorded and according the FLRRT we (err, he) finished in 1:33. SUPER LOVE.

I felt good throughout and wanted to stop around mile 8 but I kept going, I didn't even slow down during the water stops, just kept running with a cup in my hand which is a first for me.  I tend to slow or walk a few of the water stops during longer distance races.

Right now I'm obsessed with running another half, based on this race I'm sure I can get close to a 2:00 half at the very least a 2:05)  The only stinky thing is that aren't any in the near future aside from one in CT but I'm not sure it's worth the trek.  Looks like I may have to wait until Sept which again means I will have to travel to CT as anything on Long Island either happens the week before or  weekend of Chicago.


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kilax said...

That is an awesome time! And to do that all in the rain?! WTG!!!

Too bad you have to wait so long for a half! Summer destination race? :)