Saturday, May 19, 2012

No Sleep 'Till BK

I love the Beastie Boys.  And I love Brooklyn so lets hope all the love I have for a tiny borough will carry me through the Brooklyn Half tomorrow!

I have some pretty high expectations for this race, considering I had an epic hill run on Weds (and shaved about a minute off my time) and my last half 2 weeks ago was a PR, I'm really thinking that I have a shot at a 2nd PR.  I know, I know, I shouldn't get too ahead of myself, especially since the NYRR has issued a heat advisory and I haven't ran in temps above 70 since last summer, but I just have a feeling :)

It's a pretty cool course that starts in Prospect park and ends at Coney Island. I'm heading over with some friends so I think a boardwalk stroll and a ride on the Cyclone might be in order. I'm pretty afraid of heights which I found out a few years ago while riding the Cyclone - so we'll see if I actually make it up there, lol!!

On a food note, things have been going really well.  I did have a bagel this morning which was partly due to laziness and not having anything prepared, it was good but not great and I'm super happy about that, the last thing I want is a bagel relapse! I'm feeling so great and am making really healthy choices, don't want ruin my good work! I'm going to rationalize this one my saying the carbs are good for my race tomorrow...(#lies).

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