Thursday, July 2, 2009

Take It And Run Thursday

Over at Runners Lounge they have what's called TIART, which I always read, but never participate in... (see I'm switching things up a bit!!)

This weeks theme is Running Fireworks - or rather, those topics we runners find controversial....
Ok, so here is my two cents...stopping while running...taking short walk breaks to just, regroup, get the heart rate down.....catch the breath....whatever the reason...

I have found that the the majority of people I run with will every once in a while slow down and breath. I see nothing wrong with this and sometimes find it vital to my runs....if I start out too fast and my heart rate is waaaay off, I need to slow down a bit to regroup, otherwise, I'm done!

Some of the faster runners that I know would never dream of stopping, one guy in particular will tell me if you stop you didn't really run...What?!?!? So my half didn't count 'cause I walked through the water stops???

When I first started running with Team in Training one of the coaches spoke the gospel of the Galloway method, which I have to say was a tremendous help to me in the early days, although I found that I became reliant on those little walk breaks and had a hard time breaking out of that pattern. I do know however, that I would have bailed on the whole running thing if I couldn't walk a little.

So my question to you guys out there in running land.....what do you think? Little walk breaks, harmless and ok, or a total no-no?

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Christie said...

If your body says walk, then do it. For me though, if I started out too fast, I just slow down my pace. I have a feeling that if I start walking, I'll never run again. So I don't walk. If I feel the need to walk, then it's just a bad day and don't need to be running. I've cut a lot of runs short. That's just me.

Oh, and to answer your question, I'm done with NYRR races for the year.