Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beat (someone call a waaaambulance)

Ok, so I am beat (and blistered), but very happy! I'm realizing that I should have taken a few pics of my gnarly blisters as they were by far the worst ones I have ever had...but I forgot, mainly because I was too focused on performing minor surgery on my feet.

Anyway, back to being beat, I ran my first 10 mile run since my half (which was in April). Got up at 5:15 (am!!) and met my friend Chrissy for a half trail, half street run. My running at best has been kind of off lately, so I was looking forward to running with someone else. She is a fairly new runner, but is crazy focused and really follows a plan (which I don't do). We maintained a 9:46* pace which I was really happy with. My alone runs have been crazy slow and cumbersome - lots of stopping/slowing down which I hate, so I think this was the exact push I needed to get back in my normal groove.

I met all of my training goals for the week, rode 21 miles yesterday, ran 4 miles Fri. It was a great weekend.

Hope everyone had a great 4th! Now I'm off to soak by mangled tootsies!!

*I'm going with the 9:46 pace, which came from Chrissy's Garmin, mine had us at a 10 minute pace... :)


Erin C. said...

Long runs are always better if you have someone running with you! I know what you mean when you say that your solo runs get slow. I keep trying to get one of my friends to meet me for my long run, but she always bails out in the end...oh, well. And congrats on the blisters...I always say that they show how hard you really worked!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried body glide? I used to get massive painful blisters, but now I use that on my feet and I haven't had a bad one since. Little ones here and there, but nothing like they used to be.