Friday, July 31, 2009

A Little Motivation Please!!

I am off, way off. I have not worked out once this whole week,well, with the exception of Monday, but I'm not really counting that as a full run (see post below for additional info). I have even been eating crappy - like pizza and cookies crappy. I'm generally a pretty clean eater. I'm my best when I am sugar, wheat and flour free (most days I do have some sugar). Not this week. Pizza twice. And I loved it, which is why I shouldn't have it (like potato chips, when I have one slice I want a whole pie....everyday!).

Ok, so back to motivation. I need to get me some stat!! I have a nice weekend planned - heading out tonight for a short run, then on the bike tomorrow for at least 20 miles, then a 10 miler with my running gals. I am sticking to that plan, no deviations! And no pizza (except for today's lunch - paid for by the company....). I'm just hoping the little motivation I have sticks...but I do have training plans with friends, which ALWAYS keeps me on course.

Happy Fri!!


Christie said...

I had pizza this week. Four slices. That's not typical for me, but it was so good. And I was so hungry. I was helping a friend paint. Painting is cross training in my book. And why did you have to mention cookies? Now I think I have to bake some.

Good luck with your training this weekend.

Erin C. said...

I had a week like this, too! I feel below my mileage marks due to very sore calf muscles (I stupidly took a variety sculpt class at the gym and then ran five miles right afterward). Somehow I convinced myself it was okay to eat Sun Chips while waiting for my calf muscles to recover... damn those Sun Chips! They're so tasty! This happens to all of us...when you fall off the horse, don't waste any time getting right back on! Keep working...