Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two Races and a Bad Attitude

I have never been one to let a bad run bring me down. That's never been my deal, I'm usually so happy that I just get out there and do it, that I'm usually satisfied with that. I run a few races, hope to improve, if I don't OK, if I do great. Well, that was soooooo not the case on Sat....

Enter the Arrow Women's Run....this was the straw that broke my running back.....first off I will say that it was hot, no shade in sight, ballsy hot. (just saying, not using the hellatious heat as an excuse). I was also not really hydrated. I did not consume any water, just a little coffee (again no excuse). So I meet my team, say hello, grab my gear, signed up in the Athena category thinking I would at least place (was so hoping for that, although my ego was a little bruised with my only chance of placing being in the bigger girl Athena category, and I didn't place, missed 5th by like 20 seconds...but I digress).

Ok, so I line up, I'm feeling good, I did a warm up run and had a great stretch. I have this. Run my first mile - 8:47 pace. After that, not sure what the hell happened. I finished in 30:05, and was mad and dare I admit it, but moody for the rest of the day.

That's not my time, really, it isn't, but the reality of my running is that I am getting slower. Although my times are way better than they were this time last year, I am not where I was in say Nov..... I know what I need to do, now I just have to do it....

Tue night track workouts here I come!! Oh, how I need you in my life!!! It's just that I have something else on Tue, but I am willing to give it up. I am realizing that running is becoming something more for me. If I really want to succeed, I need to get busy!! I can't make tonight, but I am there next week!

On a lighter and brighter note here are the stat's from last nights Summer Run Series race at Caumsett. Although my numbers are similar to Saturday's race, this was pretty hilly, so I'm content.


Time: Net - 29.32; gun - 30.04

Pace (based on gun time, so technically I was a little faster): 9.41

Place: Overall 909/1688 ; age 36/92


Christie said...

We all have bad days. And yes, heat and lack of hydration would affect your performance. Don't be down on yourself. There are more runs and races in your future. I'm sure your mojo will reappear soon.

Erin C. said...

Hang in there! All runners have -- dare I use the word --- "slumps" in their running schedules, no matter how good they are. I've had this happen to me at least a few times a year for the last five years (excepting this year, so far!).

Don't get too down on yourself. Don't go into any workout or race using the words "hopefully", "maybe", "I think..." etc. I know it sounds cheesy, but your mental attitude can have a great affect upon your physical performance. Stick with it, keep running through it, and you'll work your way out of it in the end.

You might even want to throw a different distance into the mix if your 5Ks are going stale right now. I was given this advice two years ago, and I fell in love with the 10K distance because of it. You can do it...don't lose faith in yourself your your ability!

Serious Running:Chris Barber said...

At least you know what you need to do to correct it. Don't worry about your time if the course was difficult, just focus on how you ran the race. Sounds like you're poised for a comeback!

Ted said...

I am a newbie to your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog as well. Hey, don't let this eat you up. Now that you have set your benchmark. We all learn from different races. The more experience you get, the better understanding of what you need to achieve. You will have many opportunities. ;-)