Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Awesome, amazing pre-summer night last night! I was feeling a little sluggish all day, but had planned for a 4mi run and was sticking with it! I had to drop off money to the dance studio which is 2 mi away, perfect mid evening jaunt....or so I thought.

So I'm in deep contemplation, actually composing an email to my boss in my head re: my increase, all serious like, then it happened...BAM, the ground broke my fall. I tripped on something at a crosswalk and just went down, luckily I jumped right up (adrenaline, baby!) and got myself to the other side. Embarrassed, not so much. In pain, yes. I walked a bit, then actually jogged the rest of the way home, but man my knee cap is KILLING ME!!! It's swollen and scrapped. I'm sure it's nothing major, but christ-on-a-bike it hurts. I'm grateful though that it's my good knee, woo!!

As far as the actual run went, it was a good one. Kept my HR in a good spot and kept it consistent. My pace was in the high 9's and most importantly I felt great. If it wasn't for the fall I probably would have upped my mileage. Oh well.

This morning with the trainers was rough. I legit almost cried twice, not sure what that was about, other than my knee being on fire and the fact that we did a series of squat lunges and push-ups which took me to the breaking point. We also weighed in, down the 1 lb I gained, but other than that I have lost no weight. WTF! I did bring my body fat percentage down, but for some reason that number on the scale means more to me.

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Anonymous said...

ouch! I can tell that hurt...hope it is feeling better! Lots of ice for you :)