Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holiday Weekends Rule!

I love me a good 3 day weekend!! That extra day makes everything so much better! But alas, back to work I go...

I had a pretty good week, managed to run a ton and practice yoga which I have been skimping on with all of the additional weight training. The yoga was tough, but mainly because of my knee. The fall from the other day has made it hard to put weight on my knee cap. I'm pretty sure it's no big deal, but I'm keeping a close eye on it just in case.

Sat morning was a vinyasa class with one of my favorite teachers followed by a 3 mile run. Sun was a lazy day, which should have been a strength training day, but oh well, I can't do everything! Yesterday I ran 4 plus my tap class, and this morning I hit the weights with the girls for an hour. I may run after work, with my final eval for the fantastic 4 thing is Sat I'm considering 2 a days...plus it's hard to fit in both weights and cardio before work.

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