Thursday, May 20, 2010

Balance Please!

I hate to be that blogger that never blogs, but not a lot has been going on. Food has been so so and the workouts have been great. I need to step up my running, and I think part of the problem is that I don't really have anything in the pipeline in terms of races. I need to fix that stat! I have also let my yoga practice slip a bit.

It's so hard to find the time to fit everything in!! I often wonder how people with dogs and families manage to do it all! Seriously, I have no kids, a cat that can take care of herself and I still can't manage it all! Work is a big part of my day, same with some of my after work commitments (meetings, advisory stuff). Maybe I'm just lazy? Or not as dedicated? Nah....I'm dedicated...6 am workouts are now my norm!!!

OK, so as far as goals go - back to balance, and a nice race to train for!!

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