Monday, July 1, 2013

July Goals

I haven't done a goals post in forever, mainly because I've barely been blogging and also because I never really keep up with my goals.  Awful, but true, but this being July 1st and all I feel highly motivated so here goes...

I'll lump them into categories:

3x a week which will be easy, I have already planned it into my schedule and I really, really love this new box.

Master some crazy ass "move" - double unders maybe?  Or maybe a PR at my box jump (which is a measly 23 inches)

Get psyched up about marathon training.  I'm loving running, but not loving the thought of marathon training.  Last year I had a hell of a training cycle, hoping this year is better.  So the goal here is to keep positive - no negative thoughts!

Figure out this "it's complicated" relationship of mine.  Or not.  I waffle between over thinking and not caring.  Maybe find a balance?

J.C. Liz just get your shit together on this one! Ugg.  My pants don't fit, so the goal is to lose the 9 lbs I gained! (same story, different blog post).

These are basically no brainers, Oh and I want to create a vision board.  Cheers to a productive July!

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