Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last Monday night Run!!

Monday was the last of the Summer Series....I am sad to say goodbye to the whole thing, but after 8 races it's nice to have Mondays Back! The run was a 5 miler at Heckscher State Park. I was tired, hot, hungry and a little cranky, but I finished with my normal 10:20 per mile time. Most people wold consider than pretty slow, but I'm still happy with my time (although always looking to improve!!).

For the next 6 weeks I will be running the Cow Harbor training run series. I am super excited for this series, and for Cow Harbor day!!

I have always been gun shy about the Cow Harbor race, but now that I have a great base and actually enjoy running I am determined to kick that cow's ass!! One of the great things about the training run series is that they put you in pace groups based on your finishing time. You start out slow then get progressively faster..woo-hoo!! This race is killer hilly, but I am ready for them (and it pays that I actually like hill training).

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Christie said...

With all this training, you'll be at your goal pace in no time.