Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vacation + Bad Knee = No Posts

The knee is officially killing me!! I have been on a pain free streak, but I think the trail run last Sun. and the hills on Weds. re-aggrivated the 'ol ACL. I figured that since I was off from work this week I would RUN RUN RUN, instead I am LAZY LAZY LAZY!!! I am hoping to maybe get a run in tonight, or tomorrow morning. I am pretty sure that the Cow Harbor training run is a no go for tomorrow, which stinks, but I need to take it easy so I don't end up sidelined for more than a few days!


tfh said...

Blog changes look good!

Grrrr about the knee. You are not being lazy, just smart. Enjoy the break, baby that ACL and hopefully you will be back breaking records without any pain in no time.

Michelle J said...

Hi, just came to your blog to see if you were doing the training run tomorrow night! Ah, i agree to take it easy!!! Do you think you may be there next Wed? Let me know!!