Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dirty Socks + A Lttle Bit Of Blood = Best Run EVER

This past Sunday was the Dirty Sock run, and oh how dirty it was!! It rained a ton last week so the trail was a little muddy, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. Since I normally run this trail on my own I was pretty aware of all of the little twists and turns, or so I thought....the course took us through a part I had never been through, which was pretty awesome. The other really great thing is that I have a new 10k PR - 1:02:17 which was pretty exciting, and definetly because of the hill training I do at the Cow Harbor runs. The only down side is that my feet got all jacked up - a few blisters and a really bloody sock due to a cut somewhere on my toe (I think from one of my nails). Pretty gross. I really need to get good socks and properly body glide my tootsies before each run. Ahh...lessons learned!


tfh said...

Woohoo for a new PR! Muddy trails can be fun, but I HATE that sight of a red sock. Hope your feet feel better in time for your next run.

Michelle J said...

YES on the PR!! Terrific time!!

I am thinking of going next Wed to the training run in Northport..perhaps we can meet somewhere?? Let me know!