Thursday, July 7, 2011

Food Guilt

Like any good dieter or food plan follower, every once in a while I fall off the wagon (umm, today's lunch)..luckily I'm really embracing my plan and am just jumping right back into healthy eating. I have done this on and off for a bit, but basically I am doing my best to eliminate sugar, flour and wheat (s/f/w) from my diet. I followed the FAA food plan when I was first losing weight and managed to lose close to 30lbs (along with a brief Jenny stint to get me started where I lost about 20). I've put about 15 of that back on, which isn't great but I know could be much, much worse.

For the past year or so I have been battling with what works for me, what doesn't and it's obvious that s/f/w just doesn't agree with me. I can eat within my points, calories ect and still not loose, one week off the junk and I'm down 5. Amazing.

So while the last week and a half was a breeze, this week is proving to be a little harder. July 4th eating, some Ralph's ices and a big ass lunch today do not make for a very good food plan, but I'm planning on turning it around and not going all out on bread/brownie/pizza! I'm really focused on losing and getting to my goal which is around 145, which would be an all time low for me but still on the high side for my height.

So that's the plan in a nutshell. I know it works, as long as I work it!

Ok, back to the title of the post - guilt. I have been making most of my meals, checking labels, measuring, weighing, doing all the right stuff, then comes lunch with the co-workers. I rarely go out to chains and when I do I always end up feeling like shit from bad ordering. We ended up at Bertucci's, I had a roll (major no-no) ordered the chicken picatta and subbed grilled veggies for pasta. It all sounds innocent but I'm waaaaay over my calories (and even though my plan isn't about calories, I still track on daily plate). And, I feel major guilt about it! Even though I swam this morning and am planning on a run after work, I still know that I overate. I'm not going to go all hairy-carey on myself, but I need to be more mindful of my triggers when I am out, which may mean that I skip lunch out all together. I hate to be so rigid, but right now rigidity works and like I said, I want to work it! And rock that bikini by the end of the summer!

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Sarah said...

Going out to eat is really hard for me too. I love the bread basket and the bar menu!