Monday, October 24, 2011

Let the Tapering Begin!

Marathon training is winding down, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm getting a little burned out. I started working with Coach in May, so I've been pretty structured for MONTHS now, which for this procrastinator is huge.

We stared out training for the Queens Half, then rolled right into marathon training. I know for sure that I would not be prepared for the Full Mary had I not worked with Bob, money well spent! And he came through with a crew for my 20 miler, good man!

This weekend I ran with New Running Partner Sheila. We both had 12 on the sched so it was a perfect pairing, although I sort of wanted to do it by myself, I welcomed the company. We met at the gym and headed out. While I like boring out and backs, Sheila does not. Because I'm a good sport, I took her lead. We ran the trail, then through some residential areas then back by my house to the docks and back. I was a little miz. I really like out and backs, or at least a plan. The trail is about 6 miles, but the rest was so unstructured that it got annoying. Regardless we had a great run, and better conversation. I did break midway to stretch out my hammy, but our pace was 9:43 which made me happy.

Ok, so on to tapering. This is tricky for me. I have never really tapered. All my half marathon's I ran my 10 the weekend before the race, so this whole 2 weeks without a long run is weird. I feel like I need to throw a 2nd 20 miler in somewhere. I won't, but it just seems like the right thing to do, lol. The other issue is that I'm a little injured. My right foot has really been bothering me on the outside. I just started icing it (always late to the party) and I have a doc appointment tomorrow. I think it's just an internal bruise, but I want to be safe.
Sooo...crossing fingers and toes and knocking on every piece of wood I can find!


Sarah said...

I've never really had to taper either. But I've read plenty of blogs in which runners go a little stir crazy during their taper.

I'm with you on the out and back routes. I like to know once I turn around that every step brings me closer to home!

Carrie said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that is feeling a little burned out. Sounds like you had a great experience thus far though!

Hope that foot is OK :)