Monday, October 31, 2011



Sometimes I love them, other times I hate them.

When I first got sober weekends were killer, I worked at the restaurant just so I had something to do, but the nights killed me. Then I got a social life and I still sort of hated weekends, plus I was a mess. I was 26, missing my party life, missing Fire Island, old man bars and just the craziness of what at the time I though was fun.

Thank god I did work, got better and started to embrace life (whew!!)

So fast forward to 8 years later (yup, 8 years with no booze) and I love my weekends, cherish them actually, until the fall comes around. Summer - beach all day Sat and Sun, Winter - skiing almost every weekend in VT.

Fall? B-O-R-I-N-G.

Ok, I know people love the fall, but I'm just no that into it. I never know what to wear, if I should put the heat on or what to do. Last fall I was with the boy so we did stuff, which was good, this year no boy = boring sundays.

I'm learning to like boring though. Yesterday I ran 5 then came home and watched TV for hours, which is so not me, but It felt good to just sit and do nothing. I'm trying to embrace the "nothing". It's working. Then I busted out of my TV induced coma and got my shop on and ate pizza. I'm still full (when will I learn that 1 buffalo slice does not need to be chased with a meatball slice?).

Sat was much more productive, tried on Mary Kay makeup, had dinner with friends, saw another friend celebrate her anniversary then went to a party. I really was non-stop all day, which made my TV induced coma on Sunday almost ok.

And today? Back to the grind. I'm a big Monday fan. Seriously. Plus I got my Crossfit on, was up at 5:30 so I headed over to the 6am class. It was great, Push press, front squats and pull ups. I feel strong and productive and centered. Just 1 week away from the marathon. I'm ready.

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