Sunday, November 13, 2011

Run for the Warriors PR!

I love the Warrior Run, ran it last year and it easily became my favorite race.

This year was no different. The spirit on the course as well as the start is really amazing. Tons of vets run as well as active duty guys. This was a race that I for sure wish I was taking pics, there was a group of Navy guys all in formation, a few guys "bear crawling" at least the first mile with heavy pacs on. Good stuff.

I had no real strategy, I wanted to run it out and see how I would do. Yesterday was probably the hardest WOD I have done, so today I am crazy sore, plus I'm 7 days post marathon.

I was a total positive split, but only off by by 30 seconds from fastest mile to slowest mile, so not too bad. I kept in the low 9's, one mile in the 8's. I was crazy tight and my achilles got all wonky (always happens with new sneaks).

I had a feeling a PR was possible, but I couldn't remember what my time was last year, which i think was a good thing because I might have blown it had I known. Mile 6 was hard, but I just kept pushing and used the whole warrior mantra - if our service guys and gals can do their thing, I can do this.

Final time 57:29! Hootie hoo! A PR by 15 seconds, still counts!! Last year was also a PR on this course, I think it's a good luck 10k for me.

Aside from the great race, bands, opening ceremony, I spent some time with one of my old friends who I haven't seen in ages which was so fun, plus I hung with the who's who of the LI running scene (umm, or just regular runners that I'm friends with). My parents also came out to cheer me on, after the marathon they are getting the hang of being my own personal cheer squad!

Another great race in the books. Love it!

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