Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And the Diagnosis is.....

...Plantar fasciitis.

Oh man.

I have a friend who out of no where had such bad foot pain that after grocery shopping she could not get out of the car, it hit her out of nowhere.

My Doc days that will not happen. I am really working hard to trust him on that one!

Ok, so now that I know why my foot kills I feel a little relieved, although for some reason tendinitis sounded more manageable (Doc thinks I'm crazy). I got the cortisone, it still hurts, but they say by day 2 magical things happen. Tomorrow is day 2, the magic BETTER happen.

My last run was on Sunday, hoping for a quick run tomorrow, if I'm still feeling crappy I may head to spin where I will just ride, no jumps or anything crazy.

While I wish I was completely injury free, I'm so grateful that this is manageable and nothing worse. I was fearing a stress fracture (I'm super dramatic) and am so happy it's not!!!

On a fun note, I've been trying to figure out where to meet my friends and parents along the course, as well as where to meet after. Still trying to get the logistics together, but I think I will have fans in BK, along 1st Ave and close to the finish!

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