Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Switching Gyms

I tend to be super loyal, to a fault even. Friends, family, I'm there for you, the boy, still there for him (dumb!)...the gym, still going strong after 8 years. So naturally I'm feeling guilty and stressed about possibly getting rid of my membership. I'm locked in to a pretty good rate, and I do like it there, but there is no pool and I'm thinking about tri's and with the added expense of Crossfit, I'm just not sure I will need the membership. Oh, and Crossfit, 2 members of my current gym are starting their own, I want to make the switch, it's closer to my house and I love the one coach, but again, I have this loyalty thing going on. Crossfit is still a fairly small community, so I would hate to rock the boat, but it may just make sense for me, I'm time crunched as it is and closer is always better.

Luxury problems.

It's rambling paragraphs like this that make me realize how good I have it.

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Carrie said...

Ha! I love the train of thought post. Always a personal fav of mine :) Trust your instincts...