Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh, the Holidays!

The em' and hate em' but at the same time we have to celebrate 'em!

I'm an only child, with a pretty small family so holiday functions tend to be small (just me, mom and dad) and quite frankly a little boring. Thanksgiving and Christmas I usually spend the majority of the day with my parents then head over to my good friends house to hang with their family. Easter tends to be the wild card...which is kind of nice. We are not incredibly religious and with no little kids around the Easter egg hunt and all that stuff just doesn't happen. Past years I have gone out with friends, done brunch with mass followed by nothing...this year we decided to spice it up and hang in the City.

I'll start off by saying that I was in a major down mode this weekend, I only ran 2 miles on Fri and was just off and miserable on Sat. It rained like crazy and I was just not into getting my workout on. I woke up late, had an 11:00 commitment then a party at 3:00 so instead of getting my endorphins going, I cried under the covers (boys will do that to you sometimes).

Sat night was much better, but in keeping with my down mode I slept way late on Sun and missed my semi-planned run. I jumped in the shower and headed over to my parents to scoop them up to head into the city for brunch at our most favorite place, The Garage.

This place rocks, literally. They have live jazz pretty much all day and night, it's always one of my go to places. It's in a great neighborhood and just an all around good time, I highly recommend it. Plus the french toast is amazing!

And so was the band...

From there we did some shopping then checked out the Highline which is a really cool above ground park built on an old train line. I highly recommend a visit!

From there we checked out the car show...

...then back to LI for burgers at the diner.

Such a great day!

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