Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Last night was the Bethpage State Park run. It was pretty hilly but I still managed to run straight 11 minute miles, which although is not great, is good enough! I took most of last week off due to the bum knee, but I am feeling much better and have a 6 mile run scheduled on Weds in the Babylon trail. I am going to take a few friends through it who have never ran it before. Should be fun and a great way to get a long run in. I keep forgetting that I am running a half in Sept! As far as the push up challenge goes, I am a total slacker, haven't started it yet. I have also been really lax on the gym, the only good thing is that I am down 16lbs and am holding steady on the ol' food plan.

I figured I'd post my schedule for the week, that way I am accountable and stuff..
Tue: off
Weds: 6 mile trail run
Thurs: off or possibly hitting the gym for weights in the morning
Fri: 3 or 4 mile run
Sat: Run with the club, not sure of the miles
Sun: Firecracker run, probably running, def. volunteering

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