Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Gear

Went on a spree at my favorite running store and got a bunch of new gear!! Woo-hoo! Shopping always seems to make my long runs go better (especially when new sneaks are involved). I am partial to the Asics GT 2130 as they make my knee and my toes feel really good. They also seem to last a bit longer than other brands I have run in. I also baught a fuel belt and new sunglasses which I desperately needed. The fuel belt thing is kind of throwing me off as I am not used to really running with anything, most days I don't even run with an iPod, but it's been really hot and I know that I will need it once I really get into my long runs.

Summer Run Update:
Last night was the Belmont Lake State Park run which was sweaty and super dusty - not my favorite of the state park runs (although part of the course I run on a regular basis). My time was off, but that really was due to congestion on the path. It was really hard to get a good pace going until the 2nd mile. I love these runs and will be sad when they are over - only 2 left for the season.

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