Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Love

First off my running stats:

Fri: 3 miles - 9:50 pace
Sat: 3 miles - 10.00 pace
Sun: 2 miles just to stretch out my legs before my drive to CT, no idea of time.

I'm feeling good but slow, but that's ok. I didn't really press myself, I just wanted to run (it had been a week!!).

And now...some weekend love!

My Godson's 4th Birthday

Apples and PB (my version of!

iPhone apps, specifically Lighbox, awesome pics!!

The boy, who may or may not be back in the picture...

My new training plan with the coach...I just got my sched for the week, it's pretty light and totally doable...27 weeks till the Full Mary!!

1 comment:

Running Mama said...

Yay, you can do it. Cute little guy btw, how lucky are you to be his Godmother? :)