Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Wow, I am sick...well, truth be told, I'm feeling MUCH better today, but yesterday was BRUTAL. I hate Spring colds, they just mess up my mojo.

I haven't worked out due to said cold, Coach knows and is like no worry, rest! Whew! The problem with all this rest is that I'm not moving and I miss it, plus I ate a little crappy this weekend, but I'm OK with it as I'm back on track today.

Drum roll please....I'm making a public statement, I will be more confident and beach ready in 12 weeks (yes, I'm reading Body for Life). Bill says to write it out so I am! I have had this goal for a few summers in a row, to be fit enough to look somewhat HOT on the beach for an annual beach party (I'm saying HOT rather than bikini ready, but really I want to rock the bikini). I have about 30 lbs of fat to move...

Challenges and I don't usually get along, but I'm changing my mindset - I am making a DECISION to work it. So work it I am. I may start posting workouts and daily food, I find that when I'm out there on the internets, I do my best.

So for my food so far, I've had the following:

Breakfast/morning snack:
TJ's protein muffin, half of a Nature-valley PB granola bar (will have the other half as a snack later)

Spicy Boca chicken patty over salad

The plan for dinner is to have chicken sausage or a piece of grilled chicken with veggies and a small baked potato. Fruit for dessert.


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