Thursday, May 5, 2011

LIRRC 5k....1st Place AG!!

I love all the summer runs that take place on Long Island - we have the State Park Summer Run Series that happens every Monday for abut 8 weeks and the LIRRC Weds 5k runs. 2 great opportunities to PR and improve week after week. AMAZING!

Although this wasn't my best race, like at all. I believe there were 6 of us so that's pretty awesome that I even managed to place.

My strategy was to go in and just run a steady pace. My splits on my training runs have been all over the place so I thought this would be a good opportunity to exert myself yet stay controlled. It sort of worked, I think I was abut 15 seconds off per mile (fast, slow, fast).

D-Rock ran with me and placed 2nd which was awesome as this was her first race in probably 5 years. We then went home and ate pizza (which I also had for lunch along with a bagel for breakfast and a giant cookie at my agency meeting....going to hell with myself...).

Today is an off day. I have the JDRF Gala which should include lots of dancing....but NO bread or cookies!!

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