Friday, May 20, 2011

Feelin Good!

Why hello Friday, I'm so glad you are here!

Even though I was DYING from whatever cold I had, I still managed a fairly productive few days. Weds was my upper body/ab workout + 2 miles (which BTW I am super sore from), yesterday was spin and today I ran 3 miles of intervals. Food has been good, minus the pretzel and donut last night. I feel good and that is what I plan on focusing on. I know I can always improve, but for me right now it's about feeling a-ok!

Tonight is pizza night with my crew - this is a tough one for me as I really should join pizza anonymous. I'm thinking either a small veggie pie or a salad...I'll see how I feel later. I know for sure I am not going for the meat pie (that's what she said...couldn't resist!). Planning is critical for me, and I'm really trying to stay the course, so I have no doubt I'll choose wisely!

Todays eats:
Trader Joe's sprouted wheat toast with a slice of mozzarella
Chicken salad on a la tortilla wrap with spinach
TJs' protein muffin for a snack
Dinner TBD (wish me luck :) )
I think I'm waaaay too carb heavy.

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