Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finally....A Run In The Sun!

Yesterday was hot, a little sticky, but well worth it after all the rain, fog and overall grossness we have been experiencing. Needless to say, I was excited to run in the sun!!

My plan was to go out moderately hard and run 4 miles, after my super slow-don't-get-your-HR-above-160 run on Sunday I was excited to run it out!

My garmin died on me, but I had back up with my iphone and Map My Run, I ended up running 4.12 in 39.12 (9:31 pace). Thank god for technology! I felt great and was challenged but not all crazy out of breath and wheezy, although I did breather hard.

Food was a different story - I ended up at Applebee's at 10pm eating like 2,000 calories! Uggh!

It is painfully obvious to me that nutrition has to be top priority for me to start seeing awesome results.

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