Monday, December 5, 2011

Will Run For Pancakes

Yesterday was the Gary Mintz Memorial Pancake run. Pancakes and running? Yes please.

I was pretty gung-ho to run until I actually had to get up. I wanted to bail but I was really going to keep my buddy Sully motivated. He's at the point in his running where 5k's keep him going from week to week so I wanted to give him some support and I figured the free pancakes at the end would be incentive enough to get out of bed.

The plan was to run with Sully, which was good because I was sore from back squats and my 7 miler on Sat and he's super slow (sorry Sul.) Just as we were about to go to the start he was like no way, run on your own, this is too much pressure...I totally get it. So I headed to the start did a quick warmup and we were off.

There is literally nothing exciting about this course, it's flat and in a rather non-descript neighborhood. I had no watch and there was only one clock at mile 1 so I really had no idea what my pace was and I was ok with it. I ran by feel and although I knew my HR rate was up, I wasn't killing myself. I ended up with a very tiny 5k PR 27:21 which was cool (back in '06 when I ran it last I finished in 34:44, holy shit I was slow, lol).

The funny part is we ended up bailing on the pancakes....we decided to Glenn's instead, there is literally no better place to talk about running then Glenn's. Hapi (the owner and my good friend) is a marathoner, most of the Massapequa Park Runners Club were there plus a few assorted other local runners. Glenn's is always a good time, so if you are ever in Babylon after a race, keep your number on and go there for breakfast.

The rest of the day was pretty blah. I saw the boy's sister at the race so I was a little in my head, but I got over it...eventually, lol!

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