Thursday, December 22, 2011

On Breaks and General Business and Weight and Boys and....

I have to remind myself that breaks have to happen, and although I may feel lazy, I'm not, just a little busy.

Last week I only Crossfitted 2 days, but I also ran twice (both 3 miles). The weekend was busy with family things and boy things and overall good things, so three miles was all I could squeeze in.

The plan was to go to Fusion last night, but I had to pick up CC (the boy, we are back, don't judge, but something truly miraculous happened, post to follow) from the car place so I had to scrap that plan. Tonight is secret santa at the office and a doc appointment so it looks like I'll have another day off. I don't mind taking the time off, but the crazy thing is that I MISS working out. Like a lot!

Other news, I'm out of the 160's, which I have been sitting in for quite sometime, I'm am beyond happy abut this one. I can see my body changing from Crossfit and overall I'm a better stronger runner. I can't wait to see how I improve and change over this next year.....hmmm....I smell a "2012 Goals for the Year" post coming soon :)


Erin C. said...

Congrats on the progress you've made with your goals! It is a crazy time of year, and I'm impressed that you've still managed to keep up with your workout goals. Good luck in 2012!

Sarah said...

This time of year is so hard for working out! I miss it when I can't fit it in too.
Congrats on being out of the 160s :) and happy new year!