Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Goals

Ahh, January! I'm not a huge New Years resolutions gal, but I am digging the monthly goal posts that a lot of bloggers do. It kept me sort of accountable for December and for that I'm pretty happy.

Before I go into January, here is a December recap:

I accomplished some of the list, although I didn't Crossfit 4x a week, I did kick it up a bit, I had a date (but then got back with my boy), reduced my bad carbs (with only a few bagels for good measure), managed only 1 spin class and no yoga, but did get in my 2 runs per week. Overall it was a good month and I'm glad I laid out a plan.

So for January, I'm going to do a repeat of December with a few additions to spice things up:

Fitness Goals:
Crossfit 3x per week (4x is just too hard to do all the time, but I can for sure do 3)
Run at least 2x per week
Spin 1x per week
Yoga 1x per week

Food Goals:
Eat in more
Continue to limit bagels and pizza

Work Goals:
Not be as bitchy as I have been (last week I was a nighmare! Sorry boss lady)
Focus more on work, not the internet
Clear some of my huge "to-do later" to-do list

Life Goals:
Focus on me more, not the boy
Read my daily reader every day!

I think this all pretty manageable and a lot of it I'm already doing so I should be good to go!

What about you? Any goals for the month?

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Sarah said...

Any big races planned this year?

I should probably limit my bagel intake too (pizza is out of the question!).