Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was rather dull. The Manhattan Half got turned into a fun run so I decided not to trek into the city for a cold, wet and snowy race. My knee thanked me. It would have been a struggle to begin with as I wasn't really ready for the distance, at least not to race so I was pretty happy to sleep in. The rest of the day was spent on the couch eating pancakes with the boy and working on our stuff (pancakes = fun, working on our stuff was not). On a happy side note we still get 9+1 credit for the race. Holla!!

Yesterday I ran the 3rd Winter Run at Caumsett State Park. Nothing to write home about, we were late so we got stuck behind the walkers and it was hard to dart in and out, the path was narrow and snowy so I just took in the scenery and had a nice race. I managed to negative split and my knee was pain free throughout. Today I'm a little sore, but not too bad.

This week the plan is Crossfit Today/Weds/Thurs. Tue will most likely be an off day unless I do something in the morning, then off to the mountains for a ski weekend with the boy and our friends.

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