Friday, January 20, 2012

Giving up on the Goal

January goals...I have failed you.

I'm sorry, maybe I can make it up to you in February?

This week has been one big fail. Zero workouts, 3 bagels, 2 slices of pizza....blogging instead of working (actually, I worked pretty hard this week come to think of it, so I take that one back).

It's so hard to stay on goal and I struggle big time. In my own defense, I decided to take the week off to rest my knee for tomorrow's half. I want to go into those Central Park hills relatively pain free and for the most part I'm feeling really good.

Tomorrow will not be my best race, in fact I'm not even treating it as a race, but rather a long run. My miles are not even close to where they should be, nothing midweek and a few longish runs the past 2 weekends. I should do OK as long as I keep my head out of it. It's also supposed to snow which should make the whole experience pretty interesting.

As far as the goals, I'm going to pick myself back up and dust the carb crumbs off my shirt. It's never too late to start back over and ya know what, I NEEDED to carbo load for tomorrow anyway!


kilax said...

Tomorrow will be a good start in getting you back on track! And it will be an adventure if it snows! Have fun :)

Sarah said...

Did you run today?! I was actually surprised by the snow this morning! I'm running the Gridiron in me if you want to meet! (snaimzad At gmail dot com)