Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Race Goals

I've been thinking a lot about racing and what exactly I want to accomplish this year.

For the first time ever I was super dedicated to running. Training for the marathon completely changed my outlook on the how/when/where and the why of why I run. I was focused and determined, but still had fun and even slacked a little. I accomplished my goal and have continued to run which was priority #1 for me - keep going after the big day.

I'm not totally clear on what I want to for '12, but I do know there is a triathlon in there along with a bunch of half marathons. I'm playing around with a fall marathon - maybe Hartford or Steamtown, but I'm not sure. I'm also going to try and run 9 NYRR races to qualify for the 2013 NYC marathon. This is more time consuming than anything, but I'm pretty sure I can handle it. It's a pain traveling into the city to run, but I actually enjoy NYRR races so it should be doable. Plus I love that they have a ton of half marathons throughout the year and I really want to run NYC for '13.

As far as specific race day goals go, I think my #1 is to run a 2 hour half. I'll have a bunch of chances to do it, and I think I can shave 10 minutes off my time. I'm a better runner in all areas so I think this is totally attainable (gulp!!). Aside from that, I'm not sure...but I have time to think about it :)

So far this is what I have going on for January:
The Winter run Series (4 Sundays in Jan)
1/7 - Joe Klienerman 10k
1/21 - Manhattan Half Marathon

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