Wednesday, January 18, 2012

21 Random Things

I am a sucker for anything where I have to divulge crap about myself (seriously) so I'm pumped that Sarah over at Running (to keep up) with a toddler tagged me!

See, I'm really excited!

1. I don't drink, like at all. No major Lindsay Lohan experience, just your typical run of the mill, garden variety spiritual experience :)

2. I've been blogging for 5 years and I just recently started to really pay attention to my blog. Loving the new blog friends I have been making and loving that people are actually reading this thing (it blows my mind a little!).

3. I'm an only child and only want one child (god willing). That child's name will be Morgan; boy or girl.

4. I drive a Lexus and often feel a little weird about it when people ask me what type of car I drive.

5. I was single for a ridiculously long time before the boy came into my life. I could have been a nun, that's how long.

6. Up until a few years ago I NEVER ate fruit or salad. It took being powerless over my weight to get with the healthy eating bandwagon. So, so happy about that!

7. I'm super sensitive. It sometimes sucks, especially when I overreact to something because of it.

8. I really love the Grateful Dead and secretly wish that I would have joined one of those weird dead head cults that used to follow them around in the 90's when I was going to shows.

9. I often hate making plans and will hem and haw up until the time I have to actually attend said plan. I'm always happy I follow through though!

10. Umm...this is hard and is taking me forever to figure out 21 random things!

11. I have never owned a dog and don't think I ever will. Too much work.

12. I often question the money I spend on Crossfit and wonder if it's worth it. I ponder this often. I also question my dedication. What keeps me there: it's still cheaper than a personal trainer.

13. I'm not a huge TV watcher. I'm a take it or leave it type of gal. Although I did DVR Oprah every single day. And I hold a special place in my heart for Teen Mom 2.

14. I'm really digging Thai food right now. Shrimp pad thai and thom kha gai have been my staples for the last few weeks.

15. I'm probably in love for the first time ever and that is scary.

16. I'm trying to replace my fear with faith and that is hard, scary and exciting all at the same time.

17. I am starting to worry about my future which is a HUGE reminder that I need to stay in the present.

18. I have 2 tattoos on my lower back. I don't regret them, but I probably wouldn't have gotten them if I had to do it over. Side note, if I wasn't such a WASP, I would maybe have a very colorful half sleeve, some type of cool ocean theme.

19. As much I don't want a dog (or even any additional animals) I seriously love my bitchy cat Olive Marie. She is ridiculously adorable even though I think I need stitches from a donkey kick to the hand last night. Bitch.

20. I still can't believe I run (swim, bike, crossfit, practice yoga...ect). I'm supposed to be a fat girl who drinks a-lot!

21. I am the happiest I have been. This has been a great year, ups, downs and all arounds.


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kilax said...

What a happy post! Your happiness is contagious!

I love it when people call their cats bitchy. Cracks me up.

I don't ever want a dog for the same reason ;)

Sarah said...

I love this! Every one of these sounds happy...even the one about your bitchy cat. And I love Teen Mom 2 also. When will Janelle learn? Oh, and Chelsea too? When will they learn??