Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crossfit, Weight and Fear of Failure

I had a big "come to jesus" talk with my Crossfit coach this week, we spoke about my sometimes frustration, my dedication and overall if this is for me. I've been Crossfitting for awhile now and I've seen some change but I constantly question the HUGE monthly fee and if it's worth it.

Two things I know for sure, in order to be successful I need to 1. clean up my food and 2. work harder. Plain and simple. For whatever reason I'm stuck on carbs (the junky ones) and they are really what is killing me. Oh, and ice cream too. But I know I will reap the rewards if I make these little changes.

Since our talk I've had two very good workouts. We talked about my form and my function - form is spot on, I was trained well prior coming to Fusion, I'm not really working on my function, really powering through. I should feel totally wiped after a workout. You know those pics of people laying on the floor when a wod is done...yea, that's not me. So the new focus is upping my intensity which I have done big time my last two workouts.

Next up is the diet, which it seems, is always next up...

I figure if I keep blogging about it I'll eventually do something about it, right? RIGHT?!?!?

I recently read a post from one of my favorite bloggers. She sums up better than I could about what has been going on for me - fear of failure. I guess I'm afraid that if I do the work, the real hard work and fail, it wouldn't have been worth it. All this time I have been afraid of my own success. Don't get me wrong, I'm also afraid of the work, the uncomfortableness that comes along with dieting. But I've been here before and SUCCESSFULLY lost weight. So today I'm going to focus on doing - forgetting about the fear and just powering on.

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kilax said...

You won't fail! But... it will be hard work.

I have been working with a trainer since May and he kept (nicely) telling me to clean up my diet, and I just wasn't mentally there until this November. So lame. The food part is so hard for me though!