Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goals Update

Since the 2nd week of Jan is pretty much close to being over (huzzah weekend!) I figured I'd post my Jan goals progress.

So far not too terrible, but not too great either.

Eating in has been a success. I have had all but 2 meals home cooked - thai sun and a work lunch yesterday. Feeling pretty good about that one!

No spin or yoga, but that's really because of my knee acting up, same with the running, I'd like to be running a bit more, although technically I ran 2 races so I'm on track.

Totally killing Crossfit, making 3 workouts a week has been a breeze.

Junky carbs, not too great. I had 2 bagels this week and a lot of cookies. Hoping all that salad for lunch will even things out (crossing fingers).

Work goals have been somewhat on track, that to do list will always be the death of me!

Life goals, still working on that! Ha, but I am reading my reader a bit more.

Overall I'm doing it! BUT I need to really focus on the food which is always the case.

1 comment:

kilax said...

Why do bagels have to be junky carbs? Or rather, why do I love them so much? :)

Good for you on eating in! I have been so social lately I am eating out all the time and I really don't like it!