Monday, January 16, 2012

The Coldest Race EVER!!!

771 crazy runners braved the wind, freezing temps and possible frostbite to run the 2nd Winter Run race of the series. The beach was beautiful, the wind and iciness, not so much!

It was cold and amazing all rolled into one! Yesterday was so cold the only thing to do was just laugh it we did. I love my running crew, plus a few new ones. Makes knee pain, icy snot rockets and wind bearable!

D-rock shaved 4 minutes off her time, I shaved 1 minute from last week but I'm really not running my best with the knee all wonky. I'm just happy I can run at this point! I ran 7.5 the day before and it was HARD!! The rest of the crew all did well, hangovers, cold hands and all.

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kilax said...

LOL! I love your attitude about the cold! And wtg on taking a min off your time!