Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Goal Update

Ok, So I am a week into my December goals and I'm right on track... maybe posting goals will work for me, lol.

Here is where I am at:

Dec 1 and 2: Crossfit
Dec 3: 7 mile run
Dec 4: 5k
Dec 5: off!
Dec 6: Crossfit

This week is going to be tough, I have 2 holiday parties this week which means I HAVE to get in my workout before work. It also means Crossfit may only happen 3 times.

My food has also been really good. I've cut back on bad carbs, mainly eating salads with either fresh tuna or steak. I have to lay off the sweets though, yesterday I had a few brownie and today a greek shortbread cookie or two.

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Rev. Barbara Brownyard said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Liz! You really are a great athlete, you know that?