Thursday, June 16, 2011

1st Summer Run Race

Monday was the first of the Summer Run Series, always a great time and something I missed not participating in last year. I wasn't expecting to PR, although I was about a minute off, but I had fun, saw some people I hadn't seen in a while and ran a solid 48:19, 9:39:48 pace. I was really happy with my effort, my pace was pretty steady except for mile 3 where I got tripped up at the water stop, other than that the race was perfect.

Tue was a spin day and yesterday was an off day, today I'm supposed to lift and try and fit in a yoga class, but I might run the 6 that's on tap for tomorrow. I have plans tonight and there is no yoga class, plus I'm feeling lazy, it's funny how a few slow days can make me feel like it's been forever since I had a solid workout - a definite change in attitude, I'd say!

I've been a little funky this week, which is OK, because I know it will pass, but it still sucks! Food has been so, so. After reviewing my log from last week it is painfully obvious that my body just can't handle carbs or sugar, even though I'm within my calorie range and working out a ton, I'm not losing. The plan is to eat whatever carb heavy stuff I have in the house (which is not much, and all pretty healthy) then go back to what I've been dreading - my FAA program. In order to be true to myself, I have to admit defeat, no matter how I slice it I just can't do sugar/flour/ I'm waiving the white flag and surrendering!

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